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AMT backup .45

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I looked at one of these this afternoon at the the gun shop and they are a interesting little .45. the DA trigger pull is about like trying to pull a full size truck up hill with 1 finger, and it looks kinda funny, but yet intriguing at the same time. It would have to kick like a mule, as it is quite light and short barreled.
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I have and still carry from time to time, AMT DAO Backups in 9 mm and .380. I bought them new back in the 80's, and they have worked flawlessly for me since day one. Using a teflon grease on the rails, I have never experienced any galling problems. They filled a real market niche when they first came out: major calibers, stainless, DAO, snagless and very pocketable.

High Standard down in Texas bought the tooling from Galena in South Dakota. The DAO Backups are supposed to be back on the market in the first quarter of 2006, with some of the other AMT models, such as the Hardballer, to follow.
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