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An American Hero In Iraq

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Click on this link. Very inspiring.
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Yes, it is. Good work Captain Chontosh.

But I'm furious. I absolutely despise what the media is doing to this country and it's heroes. On top of that, I despise them personally. They can all go to hell.... :mad:
AWW Bumper, you need to learn to express yourself. You need to learn to voice this hostility you harbor. Don't hold it in, let it flow out of you!! :rolleyes:
Sorry, but I meant every word of it then and still do now. It is disgusting what the media does (and doesn't do) to help push their agenda. That's why I don't watch network television at all, including the news. I get my news from the radio.
That was an outstanding video! Damn, sometimes I wish I was 40 years younger.

Bumper's right, of course. The liberal media's anti-military bias is sickening. If the media had reported this story at all, they would have said that Captain Chontosh "won" the Navy Cross.

He didn't "win" it, he earned it. Combat decorations are not prizes in Cracker Jack boxes.
Capt. Crunch

+1 for the earned comment. :)

As for the liberal media...don't get me started...


I don't know what more could be said to honor a brave Marine who knew when to take command of the situation regardless of the danger. He is a leader, a hero, a fighter, a Marine above all. There are no more Erinie Pyle's in the world to tell his story, dam shame. :sad:
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