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I really wasn't expecting much when I headed to the range with an AR and laser sight. Even though it was overcast, I thought it was way too light to use the laser effectively - boy was I wrong! Not only did the laser show up, but it was far more accurate than I expected. I posted one of my early experiences here:

This day was a little brighter than when I did the above test. It was overcast for the most part but some pretty bright moments as well, and the green laser showed up fine at 50 yards. I could see it at 100, but it was all but flooded out in the brighter moments.

Anyway, this is the first half of my last shoot with a laser.

Oh, I almost forgot, the major stuff...

BCM 14.5" Lightweight Enhanced barrel - that's right, a pencil barrel
Liberty Triumph suppressor
Leupold Mark AR 3-9x scope
Steiner DBAL I2 green laser sight

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