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An Ignomius Beginning

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I'm afraid that I begin posting prior to making an introduction. :icon_redf

I do apologize for the breach of protocol.

My name is, oddly enough :thinking: , Paul Gomez and I'm an instructor for Options for Personal Security, a private training organization founded by Andy Stanford and based out of southern Florida.

Additionally, I assist the gentleman known as 'SouthNarc' with his training programs.

I stumbled in following a link on another forum to the "Curley Shuffle" video footage of the off duty cop striking the pimp with a brachial stun.
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Glad to see you made it here Paul..........hope you enjoy the place ..
Haha - Gomez - ''protocol bandit'' - :biggrin: Welcome again.

Ignominius - breed of dog ain't it?! LOL.
Welcome to the forum, Paul. Don't worry about the breech of protocol, I am still waiting on people to post here 6 months after joining and post counts in the 100's.... :biggrin:
Thanks to everyone for the welcome.

It's good to be here.
Good to see you here, too, Paul. Glad you brought Wyly along.
Glad to se you here Paul.....hope you enjoy the site
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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