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Great shoulder rig.

I honestly don't think that Andrews makes a bad holster.
The strap system works very well.
I no longer carry a J in a shoulder rig.
I do still carry daily in a shoulder holster but, carry a .45 semi & not a wheel gun anymore.

I had an Andrews & then traded it for an Alessi pull through since the Alessi has no retention strap. Nothing to unsnap to draw...just pull & the gun is out. ~ Very Fast.
The Alessi pull through holsters are fantastic holsters BUT, I honestly liked the Andrews harness system better.

I realize this answer of mine is not too much much help but, "Shoulder Holster People" are an extreme minority on this site. :biggrin2:

The Alessi Holster.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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