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Ankle hoster

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Ok, here goes.
Do any of you remember an ankle holster, made by Safariland, that was made from the material of a wet suit, with a zipper on the side, that in fact carried either a JJ Frame Smith or similar? I rememer having one, God how I wish I never got rid of it. The holster made the gun hug the inside of your shin, and even if you ran with it, the gun was VERY secure. The gun was held into place with a sock-type sleeve, and velcto thumb-break... It was ohhh sooo comfy ....
Any ideas on where one may be purchased? or if they're even around. I'm talkin the early 80s now...when these were made.. They slid over your calf and shin, about 15 inches long, with a zipper.
QK? Maybe you might remember this one :biggrin:
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No idea on that one Bob - tho sounds well useful.

May be worth a look tho at Buck's site (Scarface) - IIRC

Coupla years ago I got his ankle rig and it is very comfortable. Downside might be for some that it is a shade bulky compared to some. That is not tho a criticism more an observation. If pants big enough in leg then this will allow for very good comfort - tho it does tend to settle quite low.

I have three ankle options and depending on dress in use this one sometimes does very well.


Just remembered - I took a pic of mine - here it is. Not very good pic but gives some idea, here with Bersa Thunder. As you'll see it sits a bit low - sorta ''cuff'' deal really.

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