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As reported today at SigForum...

trickedtrix said:
Posted Oct 12, 2:53 PM
I suppose the longer you shoot, the greater the chance of something like this happening.

This morning I put a few mags through the m&p15-22. Had the gun a couple months, never had a problem. My brother came out with his skeeter, and a couple boxes of winchester superX he just bought at farm and fleet. Never shot the stuff before.

Got halfway thru a mag of this stuff, and then BANG!!!!!!!!! I've been shooting for 21 years, and NEVER heard a .22 sound like this before. I thought a damn 9mm went off by my ear. I dropped the mag and checked my breach - the case of the bullet was shredded, and halfway out of the chamber.

I was able to push it out with a barrel rod, and that's when I noticed my extractor assembly was completely gone! Blew the thing right off!

Well, we shoot in a grassy area, so needless to say I couldn't find the extractor.

My brother immediately emptied all of his mags with the winchester in them.

Got home and stripped the gun. I can't see any damage to the breach or bolt assembly. Barrel looks good.

I called S&W to get a new extractor, and I'm happy to report their CS was amazing, and they're sending me a pre-paid label to ship the entire gun back. After I explained what happened they said they wanted to go over the gun and make sure everything is alright. Now I call that service.

Pics to come of the casing - got 'em on the cell and the cable's at the office.

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Again this sort of thing is not at all uncommon. It happens, with ammunition.

Infamously last year a guy with a brand new out of the box SA M1A blew up his gun due to a confirmed double charge (he'd checked other ammo from the same lot and found same). Only his MAJOR problem was that the ammo was _reloaded_ ammo he'd bought from some dude at a gun show as in bags, and he knew (!) the ammo was reloaded.
In that guys case his rifle blew up to splinters in his hands AND he was injured at his hands and hearing requiring medical attention as well.

He'd tried to get SA to replace his gun as it was brand new out of the box but they told him sorry Charlie, read the warranty statement. No reloaded ammo. Then he tried to talk garbage about SA on the internet across IIRC three forums hoping that would change their minds. It did not.
The ammo manufacturer as I recollect was a Joe Blow type small business outfit that disappeared after he contacted them inquiring about replacement of his rifle.
He'd had a story of woe about how he'd always wanted an M1A and had been saving up money for a decade or some such. Nobody wanted to hear him and last I'd read he wound up with no recourse as available from anyone.

This happens relatively regularly and to most any product from all manufacturers.
Get a firearm insurance rider that covers accidental damage and loss as in addition to theft and other such types of loss.
It's literally cheap insurance.

Also another item one can do but it is time consuming it to weigh each round as prior to use to verify overall weight is in spec with what is normative and expected.
Items that are grossly above or below should be set aside for non-use destruction.

- Janq

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I had a similar incident with an Armalite AR-7 but I dont think it was the ammo. I beleive it was the gun. What I had was a round partially feed into the chamber and bolt did not seat all the way. I saw this in my mind's eye but didn't react quick enough to stop my trigger finger. I guess the disconnector didnt work and the gun fired while out of battery. The round ruptured and cracked the receiver in several places. That was the end of that gun.
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