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Another late sign-up

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I have finally gotten around to posting.:wave: I am at the tail end of my tour in Iraq. Less than 40 days left. I currently have a CCL from AR and carry a glock 27. Thinking about the new Kahr .45. I am a E-7 11B working with a Iraqi Security Force unit. It has been a wild ride dealing with these people and looking forward to heading home. This a great forum and have learned many intersting things.Keep it up guys and gals. Thanks, Greg
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Welcome from NC. Glad you will be home soon! God Bless!:congrats:
Welcome to the forum, Greg and thanks for your service over there. We appreciate it! :smile:
welcome. thanks for your service and stay safe.
Welcome, thanks, and come home safe.
I spent ~half of my career as an 11B-good times.
Welcome and thanks for your service to our country - :smilez:
We welcome you sincerely and thank you for the service you have rendered. Stay safe and come home soon.
Welcome to the forum
Thank you for serving our country! And welcome to the forum...:wave:
Welcome, and Godspeed amigo
Welcome to the forum. Be REAL careful, there is something about those last days that are always scary! Stay safe.
Greg - hey, big welcome to you :smilez:

I'll bet you are counting minutes more than days - be so good for you to get home again. Thx to you and all your compadres - you have a great following here - in case you hadn't noticed :wink;

Stay safe dude, post when you can - and watch that darned six ya hear!!
Welcome to the forum. Thank you for your service to our country.

Thanks For Registering

Ditto all above that offered you their THANKS! ~ You sure have my Thank You.
Come back to us safe!
Hey...jump right in anywhere on our forum.
You'll have plenty of friends here.
Indeed welcome Greg.
I was also 11B, but probably years before you were born.

Once again Welcome and Stay Safe

I want to add my "Thanks" to you, along with what everyone else has said already.

And. . . Uh. . .

Hey Short-Timer! Keep your butt down and your guard up! :image035:

When you start getting "short," things can get kind of weird! Your primary mission as of now is to get your backside back here in tact.

Thanks to ALL!

Great to hear from everyone. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate the replies. I have never been big on fanfare, just keep my head down and do my job.... But when i returned for R&R last nov. i was taken back by the support that was shown for us (troops) at the airports. Made me very proud. As i read through some of the replies a couple of comments caught my eye. !. wierd sh*# does happen as time winds down,lol. after 10 1/2 months of being on the road from Ramadi to Baquba to baghdad to Karballa on missions my team had our first IED strike. Thankfully noone hurt... and Acparmed- I have 16yrs in now so how far back are you talking, lol.

thanks again everyone, Greg
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