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Another Montana Bill

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If this passes it will drive the Feds nuts !

. "Roger Koopman's, R-Bozeman, HB 366 would exempt guns made in Montana from federal regulation under the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution, as long as the guns remain inside the state." Koopman said Monday his gun bill, House Bill 366, would inspire a home-grown industry of gun-makers who produce firearms to be sold in Montana." It also sends a message reaffirming states' rights. If this all passes it might be interesting to see what will be made here and what the Feds try to do about it.
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HB366, slightly amended, passed the House & was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The Legislature is on mid-term break right now & will be back to work (if you can call it that) on Tuesday, 1 March.

There's a good chance this bill will fly, but we'll see.
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