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I live in Snohomish County. I remember before I got my carry license when I turned 21, I was listening to the police scanner for fun and heard a call from dispatch go out to patrol cars about a man loitering and making threats to people in front of the public library. At first, I thought it would be interesting just to see if I could find the location and see how the police would handle the situation. Then after I pulled up I realized that I had gotten there about 30 seconds before the police, keep in mind, I drove from about 1.5 miles away from my house! What really suprised me was that the Everett police Department headquaters was a couple of blocks down from the scene. As soon as I turned 21 I got my carry license accordingly as I knew I could be anyway within city limits and have to wait for possibly over 5 minutes as it took me to drive down there . BTW (I wasn't trying to play cop and I don't think I would ever purposely put myself in a potentially dangerous situation but I was young and dumb at the time and unaware of possible serious consequences) If anything, situations like that serve to wake me up to reality.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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