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Another Vegas guy!

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Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I became interested in CCW about 6 months ago. At that time, I was mugged TWICE in one month. That was it for me, got my CCW and here I am. I've been shooting all my life, but had never considered getting a CCW.

Just finsihing up my time in the Air Force, will be working as a EMT while I test for the fire department.

I was a Glock guy up until a few months ago, now I'm a die hard 1911 fan - so if there are any 1911 guys here in Vegas that want to go shooting, let me know. I'm a member at Desert Sportsmans.

Also starting to get back into AR-15's, I got a little burned out with them while on active duty.
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Welcome. Sorry it is unfortunate events that have led you to the wrld of concealed carry, but you're among friends now.
Hi Scot45....I'm sorry to read about your having been mugged. I don't think I could live in LV after walking around the strip this past week while attending the SHOT Show....I witnessed too many knuckleheads on the streets.
Hi Scot and welcome :smilez:

Glad indeed you have gone CCW - nowhere is really too guaranteed from trouble after all. acparmed here is in Vegas too, plus two or three other members.
Welcome Scot, good to see another fellow Las Vegan here.:wave:

Always welcome 1911 fan, so Welcome
Welcome to the forum, hard way to get into CC.
Welcome, Scott ... John, in "Henderson, of course"..:wave:
Thanks gys for the warm welcome. It is sad that I had to get mugged to bring me into the wonderful CCW world, but I'm almost glad it happened. I have met a whole new group of shooters, plus it got me back into pistol shooting and I'm realizing much I enjoy it.
Wecome to the forum.

I will be at American Shooters on Spring Mountain and Arville Tomorrow, Wednesday, at about 5:30PM if you'd like to drop by and shoot a few rounds.

I'll be wearing a grey NRA Instructor cap and a brown leather jacket.

Stay Safe.
Hi Scot,
Also very sorry to hear about your misadventures:frown: , but as mentioned previously you're among friends now.. glad to have another Vegas hand onboard:yup:
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Welcome to the forum - :smilez:
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