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Another view of the anti-gun evangelists

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Just read an editorial in the New York Daily News about cops shotting a violent criminal, weilding an 'UZI like machine pistol'.
"Remember, too - for surely these two officers did - that gun violence has taken the lives of two NYPD cops and wounded nine others since June. Incredibly, one of the dead, Detective Dillon Stewart, was slain by a 9-mm. that Henry had allegedly used to shoot up a Brooklyn diner. He was out on bail on that charge, and a jury had previously acquitted him of a 2002 cop shooting."

The editorialist fails to grasp the point that this goblin was a multiple offender and was only on the street because of the liberal treatment of cop killers in NY. He applauds the fact that the gunmen was gunned down by the police and blames the crime sprees on the black marketing of guns into NY. He fails to see the obvious truth that the presence of these same weapons in other states (where they are legal) does not result in the same level of violence. But it cannot be the people or environment of NY that is at fault, it is the fault of states that allow for the legal ownership of weapons and their use in self-defense.
The attempt by NY to use BATF records to track the origin of guns used in crimes is just a backdoor to suing gun makers. We dont trace the origin of automobiles, knives or baseball bats whose use results in a death as any reasonable person would never assign the blame to the manufacturer. Because their attempts to eliminate violent death by outlawing guns has, and will continue to, fail, they seek remove the viloence by eliminating legal manufacturers and retailers of weapons instead of concentrating on the morally repugnant slice of humanity that will always look to take advantge of other human beings and relish in their suffering.
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XD-40 said:
Perhaps this is a result of our failure as a society to accept personal responsibility (or assign it) for our actions.
That is pretty much it!! Culpability is too often overlooked and so the blame goes onto the gun! Usual agenda.

''Never mind the dog - beware the owner''!!

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