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Sorry, but for the life of me, I can't find the thread where someone asked me about a pagerpal holster and I'm tired of looking. Maybe a bored (haha) mod will move it to it's rightful place. TIA. Here's the answer:
Actually, I bought a Comp-Tac Spartan that I like better for my G23. I also need to lose a few pounds before I can carry the G23 in the PP. However, I looked at the PP again for a smaller gun and when playing with it, as the leather got floppier, it got much easier to draw - I think most who really hate it didn't give it enough of a chance. When I lose the weight, I'll be giving the PP another try ;). Check out youtube for vids on different ways to draw from it - including a one-handed draw.

I got my own phone case for it, but had to modify it a little to fit the PP - minor work with a dremel on the plastic clip. I also rounded off the edge of the leather at the bottom of the holster to prevent an obvious line across my crotch - could've also been the fit of my jeans. For the price they want new, I'd rather have the Spartan. Buy used and get your own phone holster.

As for being a fan, all I can say for sure right now is, it ain't for sale.
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