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Antique Brass Knucks Revolver

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I found this pic on the web & thought I would share it. Neat old idea & a beautiful photograph. Combination Brass Knuckle "Knuckle Duster" and Revolver. What's the Barrel Length on this revolver folks? :confused:
I'm guessing that the cylinder acted as BOTH a cylinder and barrel? It must have been a fairly expensive back in its day...judging at the nice old engraving. Nothing beats the look of that nice patina on old brass!
Let's bring back the Knuckle Duster WheelGun! We have MORE use for it now than they did back then...lots more Rotten BGs these days! Enjoy!
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Thats pretty sweet no pics of the front end of it? Allways thought one of them Squeese pistols would be cool cant find a pic of it but im sure ya know what im talking about a Qk or p95 will have a pick
I know what ya mean Bud but no pic that I can find - not right now anyways.

This fella here - very interesting piece, good find. Looks like as QK says - cylinder is all the barrel you get!! Reload it seems is like with NAA - cyl removal.

Trying to imagine holding this for use in ''knuckle mode'' and all I sense is a great deal of pain getting into my own hand!! :biggrin:
I remember this weapon, listed in the shooters' bible, or somewhere in between. The barrel is also the cylinder. This was the "pocket piece" of the 1800's. Can't remember who made it though, but I'll find out
Dad has those old Time Life books on the old west, and I believe that gun was in the "Gamblers" book as one of the little hideout weapons of choice, besides the derringers and boot knives. Talk about "ace up the sleeve!" I think it's just adorable. :biggrin:
Hmmmmm. Interesting thought- if you took the new NAA .17 HMR cylinder (or is it the same OAL as the .22 Mag?), you could get a bit of a turn, rifled & chambered for .22LR. I really like that. Like the Jones Bros. Dixie Top Popper with a lethal bite!
cool old pistol.
rocky said:
cool old pistol.

James Reid .32Cal Knuckle-Duster Revolver


A James Reid Knuckle-Duster revolver made in .32rf with iron barrels and brass frame .The brass frame with foliate engraving and the top strap engraved"MY FRIEND PATD.DEC.26,1865.A clean example but with no original finish remaining.Ref:
I believe this is the gun that QK found.....this one's at auction
Rod Akeroyn & Son 1720.00 starting bid :biggrin: it is again....for about 2650.00

I knew I'd find it lol :biggrin:
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So - goin' for small change eh Bob!!! Shucks!! I'll never be a collector on that scale.
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