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Any advice in Ohio delay in getting card

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Hi All Just throwing this out there in case anyone else has had a similar problem. Took my class had an apointment today to hand in my aplication. They were fast took app took prints took my picture and told me to wait 20 minutes and I would have it. I was really excited. Well 20 minutes later they said I could not get my permit because something but they did not know what came up on my report. I have no idea what it could be neverbeen charged with anything and I have no kids so child support is not an issue. I guess does anyone know how I can check on this because they told me that they would not be notified by the state until June 15th. Oh well just a little upset. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I just renewed mine Tues. The said they have been rammed lately. They said I may be waiting a while. I still have about 60 days that my License is good. If it takes longer than that I will be carrying on my Florida Permit. Nice to have options.
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