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Any experience with the subcompact XDs?

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I know we've talked about the service sized XD models a lot and I'm considering one for my next purchase, but I'm terribly curious if anyone has played with the 3" compact XD.

It seems like it should be along the lines of the similar Kahr models, except maybe not as compact. I think it could make a good pocket gun.

To be honest I've never even seen one in person. I'd think given the popularity of the service sized XD, the compact would be popular as a backup gun to go along with it. After all it'd be kind of cool to use the same catridges in each and have the same manual of arms and controls for both guns.

Yet I don't really hear very much about it. Is there something wrong with them?
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I carry one and actually it still is and has been my most carried gun .. I bought it when i got my permit to carry and carry it a lot .. since summer is comming ti will preobly be the most carried gun again.

I have 12-1300 rounds though my and use 40 cal mags in it since at the time there were no large cap mags for it and im not sure if there are now other than full size with a slevee.

Mine came with the little xml light and as ive stated b4 finsh sucks
Forgot to add i do pocket carry mine but it is little on the big side ..

3 finger grip they make grip extensions but i shoot mine better with out it not sure why but it just feels different.

Again there is a sleeve that can be put on full size mags to make them fit you can also use a fullsize mag with out the sleeve but you risk breaking the ejector is you slap it in to hard .

Right now Springfiels is giving 1 or 2 fullsize mags away with the sleeve with a new subcompact
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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