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Any experience with the subcompact XDs?

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I know we've talked about the service sized XD models a lot and I'm considering one for my next purchase, but I'm terribly curious if anyone has played with the 3" compact XD.

It seems like it should be along the lines of the similar Kahr models, except maybe not as compact. I think it could make a good pocket gun.

To be honest I've never even seen one in person. I'd think given the popularity of the service sized XD, the compact would be popular as a backup gun to go along with it. After all it'd be kind of cool to use the same catridges in each and have the same manual of arms and controls for both guns.

Yet I don't really hear very much about it. Is there something wrong with them?
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I was wondering about that. I gather from you both the gun's pretty good save for the lousy bluing.

I guess the reason it doesn't seem to be as popular is that it's in that weird size category where it's not a pocket gun but it's not a full size gun either. Still it's worth considering because it would be that much easier to carry.

Is it a two finger grip or three finger grip? Does anyone know if you can use the full size XD magazines in it and/or add a grip extension?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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