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Any good reasons not to buy a Kahr TP-9?

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Saw one at a local gun shop and was attracted to slim thin grip and a 4" bbl. I know sometimes guns come out problematic then get turned around and have a lot of negative press that follows them around. Kinda like a Sigma. I looked at other threads and heard bad things about the P series guns, what is the real story? Plan on shooting Speer 124gr GD +p or 147 gr Federal HST. Any horror stories?
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it took kahr a bit to get the p series ( pm speceficly ) running but this is not supprising in light of the changes made to the basic kahr design ( pollimer frame , downsizing the slide ect. ) they seem to have it well in hand now . At least my pm9 is uber relyable as long as its kept clean of pocket lint and lubed . i wouldnt expect any problems with the tp tho i havnt seen or shot one myself , good thing cause momma would be " testy" when it followed me home lol
Amen RR, my She Devil keeps an evil eye on my gun buying habits and mostly have to wheel and deal with what I have in inventory. That being said managed to get a AK103k replica and a M-16a2 type AR last year with fun money. She wants to carry her Taurus pt-111 so I'm looking for something flat 'cause there ain't much room in my Levi's anymore.
Portagee, I had a Pt 140 for carry. Traded way up to a 1911. Lots more waist room and a slim slide profile.
Rocky roger the 1911. I'm waiting on some springs from Wolff to drop into a P-13 Para Ordnance alloy frame. Replacing all especially mag catch lock with a 10%+ spring and an Ed Brown steel mag catch to try and resolve issues with mag being released accidently. Have an original Roy Baker pancake that allows strong side or crossdraw carry which works pretty well seated. Have to wear a windbreaker or vest though. Looking for something flat and thin to wear IWB with untucked t-shirt etc.. My Dad's old flat latch S&W Airweight Bodyguard works in a cargo pocket but I'd prefer a bit more firepower. Wished my stainless Colt Officers ACP was the alloy framed version.
I have the K9 from runs great. The only ammo I have found it doesn't like is the UMC yellow box (250 round pack). I personally haven't heard any horror stories about that particular gun, but I do know the Kahr service folks seem to be pretty attentive. I called to order a few extra screws for the grips and they sent me a half dozen at no charge. No big deal, but an indicator to me that they want things right...
Sirs, Thank you all. Portagee
I've put a little over 750rds through a P9 since 10/05. Had a few FTF in the break-in period (first 200 rds), no FTE's. Past few trips to the range have been flawless, with both FMJ's and hollowpoints.

Very comfortable to shoot, despite the light weight - could probably shoot all day long! For reference, a steel framed S&W J-frame 38sp starts to get to me with just 50 rds.

With the exception of the Rorbaugh, you won't find a thinner, lighter, more comfortable or concealable 9.

Very pleased so far.
I don't know the particular gun, but after handling the nightmare that a personal gun of mine has had getting to actually function (3 trips back and they broke their promise to replace it outright) from Auto-ordnance (Kahr owns them and manages them), I won't be buying another one from them in the future, period.

Pray you never need customer support - it's either hot or cold, just like the guns.
The PM's, in particular the 40's, have had a lot of teething problems. The P9's are very reliable and accurate. The TP9's are just slightly larger versions of the P9's (1/2" longer barrel and an additional round capacity, I think) with better sights.

The actual Kahr customer support is supposed to be good, but then I've never had to use it.

Just joined .. first post.

When I took my CCW instruction and test, it was with a prior SS agent and now SWAT trainer for several counties in my area, and a duputy in two.

I had a 380 and he suggested something more powerful. I explained and showed him my hand injury (military). He said he could find something I could handle and at the break we went to his SUV, where he broke out about 20 handguns.

Now standing on the street looking at hand guns is fun, but I said it was wierd. He pulled his vest back and the two star shields showed. So it is OK when with a law man!!!!

We tried a few of the more well known in several calibers and then he went for the Kahr. It was right up my alley and I bought a K9. I rejected the polymer going for the matte stainless steel. I have never thought it was heavy and I have put over 1,800 rounds through it, about 250 at a time, with one hung up rejected case early on.

I have the greatest belt holster and can carry all day with out any problems. I carry when ever I leave the ranch ... family, friends, town, meetings ... every where I can. Only a few people even know I have a CC permit or carry. It has been about 2 years now since Missouri passed it and it took some time to handle hugs, embraces by aunts and the like, and still learning. The wardrobe certainly changed and still looking for wear out of trouser shirts with snaps (not buttons ... hand injury). Long jean jackets, long leather vests, shirts my wife turns into straight cut bottoms, and photographers vests have all found their way into my closet.

I do not like IWB holsters or deep carry but am considering a paddle holster when I do not have time to change belt holster to new trousers. Any suggestions here?
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I have a Kahr TP-9 and found no problems with it. The thin profile makes it a pleasure to carry in the waistband. The polymer frame and stainless slide elimates concerns of corrosion. The added 1/2 inch of barrel & slide makes the recoil non-existant.
I have one very good reason for not buying one.

I DON'T ENOUGH MONEY. Otherwise, I would have one now. Love the Kahr weapons. Think they are a fine pistol. Strongly recommend them to anyone.

Mark :smile:
I have no experience with the TP -9, but just purchased a used K9, which I REALLY like. I had a P40 Covert which, while I had no mechanical issues with it, actually hurt to shoot; it wore a raw,bruised spot at the base of my shooting hand thumb after < 50 rounds.

For IWB carry, the extra weight of the all steel gun is not really noticeable, and the all metal Kahrs have had far fewer reported problems than the polymer guns. Just food for thought

I like them except for no safety mechanisims. I personally would not buy one. IMO, I would buy a para LDA single stack. I know what your thinking, their expensive, but well worth it. Just my two cents.
When I was work my Dept approved the K9 as an off-duty gun. I was pushing for the P9. Even though we had glocks the gunnysmiths weren't fond of plastic. I didn't see the point of carrying a small heavy gun. My PM9 was part of the recall. I sent the barrel back and they throated and polished it -My gun worked fine before getting recalled. I tested it after I got it back -it works. I get alot of "you carry that little thing" then we shoot and the comments change to "I have to think about buying one of those.
don't know to much about kahr's, but if you shoot it often (breakin -500+ rounds) with different ammo you will find out what the gun will do and not do. some guns like one type/brand of ammo over others.
Just last week I bought a TP9 that a chain store had discontinued and the price was well below anywhere else. I am in love, I only wish my agency would let me carry it on duty. As said earlier the extra 1/2" makes a hugh difference. It feeds any quality ammo effortlessly and shoots so much better than I do (and I'm pretty dang good). If you can afford it, get it, you wont be sorry.
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