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Any insider info: Did Glock resolve Gen3 G19 ejection issues?

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I know Glock has had some problems with Gen3 G19's ejecting into the shooters face. I have read a bunch about it a couple months back. I was wondering if that now has been resolved to everyone's satisfication? I purchased a brand new Gen3 G19 for my son(as a gift) in December 2012(serial # UAW-____), that has NOT been fired yet. Obviously, shooting it ALOT will tell the tale, but thought that the fact it was made in Dec '12, might mean it's in a range of guns where the problem has been finally solved. Any info appreciated.
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My 3 Glock 19's apparently were not aware of it. I do know that some people hold their guns in a manner that affects the direction of their spent shells. I know that I do that occasionally when I tilt my gun a little to the left to place it under my dominant left eye.
for what its worth posted saturday.

glock 19 ejection problems? - thr

thanks !!!!!!
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