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Any one carry a Ber 92 concealed?

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I have a Beretta 92 and was wondering if anyone has found a comfortable way to carry it concealed. (big guys especially)
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I've successfully concealed my 92F Compact, 92F Compact Type M and 96F Centurion.

If you have a good holster that effectively "pulls the butt" of the gun close to your body, you shouldn't have a big problem concealing a gun the size of the standard 92/96FS.

I have an Andrews MacDaniel II and Galco IWB holsters that conceal either of the aforementioned Berettas under an oversized t-shirt or untucked buttoned shirt with no problems at all.

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I just bought a 92FS and a Blackhawk carbon fiber belt/paddle holster. I have been carrying my 92 every day without problems.

I don't know if I'm big or not, I'm 6 feet/190 pounds.

It won't be like carrying a light weight mini-gun, but the 92 isn't bad to carry. It's a little more difficult to conceal depending on the carry/concealment method. I wear a "vest" made by cutting the sleeves out of shirts and hemming the arm holes. They look really nice, they're cheap (GoodWill), and there reasonably cool in the summer over a Tee. I get the ones with pockets both right and left for whatever. If you go that route, just be sure it's long enough to cover the gun.
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