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Any opinions on the 520? Is it still too new to tell?

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I was curious if anyone here has had their hands on one of the new two piece barrels Smith and Wesson has introduced recently, such as in the new model 520.

I don't see as much innovation in full sized combat revolvers as I'd like so I've taken a noted interest in this thing that's supposed to be a replacement for the Model 19.

Pfeh like anything can replace the Model 19. or the model 58, or the model 66... but I digress. I've no interest in purchasing the 520 but was curious if anyone has gotten to play with one.
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Hmmm... I can forgive the finish issue on my 642 as it's an inexpensive pocket gun, but part of the reason you buy a Smith and Wesson is that you don't have finish issues like that, supposedly. Of course each new generation gets them more and more away from this tradition. :frown: I think if I bought a brand new revolver I'd get a Ruger and just learn to live with the trigger. It would smooth out sooner or later anyway.

But I wonder more of how the 520 and its brethren shoots... it's probably still too new for anyone to form a verdict. It looks great on paper though.
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