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Any Shooters With Disabilities?

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I work with people that are disabled, both physical and mental. We have taken many out shooting and they all had a ball.

I was wondering if there are any others with physical disabilities.

What adaptive equipment do you use?

I'm in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and if someone needs help shooting, let me know.

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i shoot with a 70% blind guy. He isn't the best shot in the world , but can put em on target at 10 yrds.
I take my father in law out for shooting -73 years old, eyes are starting to fog over and can't walk to well due to a hip replacement and has no real good ability to grip a handgun for too long due to wrist injuries on the job years ago. It's painfull for him to shoot, but he loves it so much that when ever he wants to go, is when we go shooting.
I have Severe Arthritus Myself, But thank you all for spending Time with us In the Field and here on line.
I guess Im half blind then...I lost my right eye at age 6....
I taught many years ago. Archery and .22 Rimfire rifle for young kids.
Some kids with disabilities & some without.
Target shooting is such a fantastic Confidence Builder for all kids.
We had an interesting program for rifle.
All of the kids made their own targets using stencils for the next rifle session.
All kids cleaned and maintained their own issued firearm.
All kids policed up their own rimfire brass & maintained their own station.
Emphasis on Safety and strong personal responsibility.
Lost most of the sight in right eye in 1998 and was always righthanded. Now I shoot lefty and I'm not the best shot but I do shoot IDPA and USPSA.
Holdcard, Thank you for caring.
What adaptive equipment do you use?
patience and understanding
My dad is legally blind in his right eye and RH. He shoots rifle and shot gun LH. He can even outshoot me with a shotgun.
Adaptive Equipment

We've been around disability for about 18 years now. We also have a disabled man that lives with us (his mother died suddenly 5 years ago). When he first came to live with us he was afraid of guns in general - probably scare tactics from his mother.

Well, if you’re going to be a part of this family, you’re going to go shooting. Once he fired a few rounds he was hooked. He has mental retardation plus severe spastic cerebral palsy. The way we help him shoot looks pretty unconventional.

The rifle butts up against the back of the wheelchair, and the gun has to be sideways so he can pull the trigger. His range of motion keeps him from firing the gun upright. We do the actual aiming because there is no way he is able to support the whole firearm. When I let him shoot the 12 gage it pushes the wheelchair back about 3 inches (he loves that)

We searched for a while, but now he has his own .22 rifle. I need to get a trigger job done on it to make it easier for him.

I also have another friend that is a C4-5 spinal cord injury (he has no control from the nipple line down). We’re trying to get a rig that will allow him to actually shoot himself the rig we’re looking at is at (hopefully the link will work). They even have a sip-n-puff trigger control.

If anyone knows of a better rig please let me know.

How do you upload a picture? Maybe someone could talk me through it off the forum.

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Holdcard - you may find some help in my old mini site I did for THR - Image Matters

Also - I think if you search here with ''upload'' or ''upload pictures'' etc you may also find info, as we have had it crop up periodically.

If these do not suffice let me know - in fact I keep meaning to place a descriptive page on the web for just this so it is there as a reference.

Thanks, I'll give it a read. I'm an amature myself, and always willing to learn more. I really enjoy shooting - firearms and cameras. A good day is when i get to shoot both!

Neck fusion fron C4-7 forced me to give up trap shooting.I looking
at another operation but I continue to shoot and will give trap
another go once I get pain levels down.Disability all in in mind!
Just testing a photo, it doesn't show up in the preview - we'll see.

OK, it worked. This is the guy that lives with us.

We have a guy up here confined to a wheelchair and shoots a highly modified .22cal sport rifle, but our local government is planning to close the only handicapped accessible range in Vancouver, wankers!

Check out the bottom picture of the IPSC British Columbia webpage
Colin said:
We have a guy up here confined to a wheelchair and shoots a highly modified .22cal sport rifle, but our local government is planning to close the only handicapped accessible range in Vancouver, wankers!

Check out the bottom picture of the IPSC British Columbia webpage

Nice that they have his picture up. You may be able to fight the range closure with the ADA, might be worth a try.

I have severe degenerative arthritis and spinal stenosis of the lumbosacral spine. My loss of mobility is the reason that I became interested in shooting. Up until just a few years ago, I was always confident of my ability to protect myself, and my wife. Now though, I have difficulty walking distances, which pretty much running out of the question. My ability to generate force my putting my hips into a punch is gone, and any attempt to kick higher than the knees would most likely be ineffective. Nerve damage from the spinal problem, along with diabetes has caused me to have balance problems. And what would be a simply "ass whooping" to most others, could easily lead to a major injury and further disability to me. Fortunately, I don't require any special accommodations for shooting, except that if I'm standing at the range more than 30 minutes, my pain level rises substantially. As far as self defense goes, I do carry pepper spray in addition to my handgun (XD 45 or Glock 26, depending on mode of carry), so that I can try to keep from escalating from a fight to a shooting.
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