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Anybody ever "lose" their gun?

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I was chasing a BG (armed robbery suspect) in a mall once. My BUG in an ankle holster. The velcro started slipping, and suddenly the BUG and holster went skidding ahead of me. OOPS!
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Same thing happened to an ex of mine who is a deputy sheriff Sgt. She was after some perp; BUG comes out of the ankle holster; as she is running, the gun get kicked ahead of her. Poor girl had to stop to pick up the gun.....perp was still apprehended.
Once had my HK fall out of my thigh rig while out in the boonies. Luckily I noticed it before I moved on. Now I use a retention lanyard.
I have never lost a weapon, However, of all the things that I have lost I miss my mind the most.
No guns.
But I have lost knifes before.
nope unless you count having to pull arround the block to pick my sidearm up from the locker at the jail. Got all the way to the corner before reaching for a cigarette and finding the locker key on top of the pack , good thing too as i dont know how long i would have patroled without it otherwise lol
I HAD a holster that dropped my 1911 twice. Man am I a slow learner or what.
nope, but

Thought I had left a loaded magazine in a hotel room (travel a LOT). Always very careful about inventorying before I leave a hotel, but on this trip had wife and kid, so more chaotic leaving hotel.

When we got home, went to center console to get extra mag. Not their. Slightly anxious. Check luggage, laptop bag, nothing.

Pretty concerned now. Was sure I had checked everything gun-wise when I left hotel but the evidence was indicating otherwise.

Final check of the vehicle. Found it in the passenger glove box. My wife had driven, so I had stuck it in the passenger glove box instead.

Very, very relieved!! At least I knew I was inventorying properly when I left.

Still always a nagging concern that I will leave something in a hotel. Just have to stay aware.
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never have lost a gun but once drove 1/2 way to where I was going before realizing that I had no gun in my holster...
I have driven an hour to get to the range, and forgotten the ammunition...
One evening I was out for run, and the SP101 I had in my fanny pack came tumbling out of the darn thing. All I herd was some thing hitting the ground behind me. I looked back, and there it was in the gutter. No one was around to see the event, lucky me.

So now I am always checking the zippers as I pound the pavement.
I have driven an hour to get to the range, and forgotten the ammunition...
Haha - me too. Oh and forgetting mag's done that too. Practice with a single shot semi is soooo boring :wink:

And as a loose corollary re my flying of model RC airplanes - have once forgotten to take the wing for one plane and another forgot the transmitter :rolleyes:. DUH!
soonerjh said:
never have lost a gun but once drove 1/2 way to where I was going before realizing that I had no gun in my holster...
I've done that too, luckily I was just at the end of my driveway when I realized my elbow didn't find the butt.

And once I made it completely out of a bathroom before I realized I had left my fanny pack lying on the TP dispenser. Talk about a brain fart!
I must confess to an extremely embarrassing (not to mention potentially disastrous) screw up. I'm not thrilled about telling this, but perhaps it will prevent someone else from making the same mistake.

I went shooting at a local indoor range last December. I had taken all 4 of my 9mm pistols. When I finished, I replaced each gun in a nylon sleeve, and put then in my range bag. However, the bag was purchased when I only had 2 guns, and was too small. When I got home, and took the guns out of the bag for cleaning, I could not find my Kel-tec P11. Since I had shot it, I knew that it should be there. I searched the car, house, everywhere, and couldn't find it. The range was closed, so I couldn't call right then.

The next day at work had me so busy that I couldn't get to a phone. When I called the range the following day, I was told that they had found it. Apparently, the gun sleeve had fallen out of the bag (the bag was too full to close). Not only did the padded gun not make much of a sound, I was still wearing hearing protection, as I was in the range area, so I did not hear it when it fell. To complicate matters, when I went to pick up the gun, it wasn't there.

The manager had, per standard policy, checked the gun with Metro. Since it was new, while registered, the serial number did not yet appear as registered. So, the they turned the gun over to Metro. Fortunately, there was no hassle retrieving the gun, other than having to go to the evidence storage building during their (and my) office hours. Fortunately, this has a happy ending, with the only consequence being my loss of time (and sleep),. But the thought that the gun could have been found and used in the commission of a crime, or worse, injure or kill someone, was terrifying.

Since then, I have bought a much larger range bag, and I inventory the guns after leaving the range area. This time, I dodged a bullet (no pun intended), but I'm quite aware that the results could have been much different. There will not be another occurrence.


Spaced that out a bit - para's are good :smilez: - Chris
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Just remembered an episode!!!

About three years ago - drove down to nr Baltimore (Timonium) to meet some guys for a shoot. Indoor range there. Took my usual huge (absurd!) number of guns - all handguns except - threw in Marlin 94 lever .44 mag last minute.

Had a good session with the handguns but left carbine propped up against wall. Was about 10 miles into return trip when it dawned - ''where was the Marlin"? :eek:

Yep - had left it at range.! So, much extra mileage fiddling to get back on beltway North bound again and called on cell to check - it was there! What a pain - loadsa extra miles and much time - to retrieve what should never have been forgotten DUH!
+1 for forgetting magazines.

I keep a mag full of JHP for home protection, so I removed them one day from the mag before the 1/2 hour travel to the range only to remember that that particular mag was back home sitting empty and useless on the dresser.

Oops! :redface:
I was at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Ft. Polk, LA for field manuevers a few years ago. I was the Sgt of the Guard and NCOIC of the Quick Reaction Force. OpFor hit us with a raid at 0300, I was running my guys to the line and noticed some bogeys making their way through some dead space. I grabbed my PFC's rifle because he had a 203 on it and fired a "round" into the deadspace. I took off across the camp and made it to the TOC before I realized I stilled had my PFC's rifle.
I went to the range with several guns and shot them all. When I packed up and decided to leave, a friend came up to me and started chitchatting. I had put everything in the front seat excepy my Dan Wesson .357 in a case which I had placed on the roof in front of me.

We stood there for a few minutes and then said our goodbys. Liek a DUMMY I then drove off with the Dan Wesson sitting in a case on the roof.:blink:

I got home and couldnt find it. I went back to the range, retraced my steps and could not find it. Luckily, the friend I had been talking to left a few minutes behind me and found it in the middle of the road.

I called him and he had it. I went over there and got it.

I got lucky.:image035:
never lost a gun. But was returning from jail and realized my gun was in the trunk. Needles to say I made a quick stop =)
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