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Anybody in FL, please take a look at the link

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Done thank you!
Sent to all plus Marko Rubio
Done, OP.
bump, this is really a pretty good bill, at least for the most part.
Emailed them all let's hope it passes. I would also love to see open carry in florida.

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Sent emails...thanks for the post!:hand9:
don't know how much good it'll do, but it's sent. and i'm going to post it on the florida gun forum i'm on. thanks.
I sent emails to all those named above individually. It took me some time.

While doing this, I checked into some of the represenatives sites and saw some anti gun bills I have neve heard about. Here are some:

- General Bill by Williams, A. (CO-SPONSORS) Berman; Campbell; Clarke-Reed; Fullwood; Jones, M.; McGhee; Pafford; Reed; Stafford; Waldman; Watson, B. :

Use of Deadly Force in Defense of a Person: Repeals provisions relating to home protection & use of deadly force, which created presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm in certain circumstances & provided that there is no duty to retreat & has the right to stand one's ground & meet force with force in certain circumstances; conforms provisions.

- General Bill by McGhee:

Sale of Firearms and Ammunition: Providing administrative fee to be imposed on sale of firearms & ammunition by licensed dealers; provides for deposit, distribution, & use of fee revenues; provides for annual carryforward of unexpended funds.

- General Bill by Powell (CO-SPONSORS) Pafford; Schwartz

Concealed Weapons and Firearms: Creates exception to preemption of regulation of firearms to Legislature to allow state agency or local government to prohibit possession of concealed firearms & ammunition at specified publicly sanctioned or sponsored events conducted in public buildings or at government-sponsored outdoor public venues.

- General Bill by Stafford (CO-SPONSORS) Pafford; Watson, B.

Use of Deadly Force: Requires overt act to support belief that use of deadly force for specified purposes is necessary; defines "unlawful activity" for specified purposes; provides that immunity from civil & criminal liability for certain uses of deadly force does not apply to injuries to children & bystanders not affiliated with overt act.
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Big surprise but all of these idiots are Democrats, I already had all but one of these on my list to track. Personal feeling is that none of them will go very far, maybe that's just me hoping, but I've been sending a lot of emails.
I just can't believe about the 1st one. It seems it is meant to weaken or eliminate the Castle Dotrine and Stand your Ground. Unless you are trying to protect the criminals that break into houses, I just can't imagine why anybody would want to do this.
That's exactly what they want to do. That's why we need to keep after these idiots. Please don't just complain on here let these crazies know what you think.
Now I am going to concentrate on my local representatives. Hand written letters, and phone calls.
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