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Anybody want a Korean M1 Garand??

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Looks like a bunch are going to hit the market!

South Korea to sell 108,000 Garand Rifles to US Gun Collectors :hand5:
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that is promising

I have always wanted an M1 but have never gotten around to paying Springfield's price. hopefully they come out affordable.
This could be very cool thing. I will be keeping my eyes open and may need to get a current subscription to Shotgun News for another year or so to keep tabs on this.

I hope someone will post here too, as soon as they hit the market!
Ditto all of the above. ^^

I want a Garand but I refuse to pay what Springfield Armory is charging.

Thank you for posting this thread!

- Janq
Very cool! My uncle has one and it's fun to shoot. Kicks like a mule when you start popping off a couple rounds in a row!
The price they will be asking is not that good.

Washington has approved South Korea’s plan to sell about 86,000 M1 Garand rifles and 22,000 M1 carbine rifles, together valued at 108 million dollars, the ministry said.
108,000 rifles with a value of $108,000,000 is $1000 each. If South Korea expects to get $108 million then the importers will be paying the $1000 and the individual buyer will be paying considerably more. Doesn't sound like a very good deal to me.
If you hang out at the CMP forum, the man running the show there says that his organization, CMP, will not be involved at all with these Korean returns.
I've confirmed this news as not being internet rumor via domestic Korean news.

The Korea Times
09-24-2009 22:19
Korea to Sell Old US Rifles Back
By Jung Sung-ki
Staff Reporter

Source -

- Janq
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Amen to that; I picked up one of those Mitchells' Mausers a few years ago, and got a beautiful 98 Mauser with all of the accessories. I always wanted a Garand, so maybe this is the time...
It would make one heck of a promotion for a Hyundai dealership. Buy a Hyundai - get a Garand!
The ministry estimated their expected sale prices at US $220 per M1 and more than $140 per carbine.
The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea - Korea to Sell Old Rifles Back to U.S.

Korea will sell outdated M1 and carbine rifles used during the Korean War and the Vietnam War to the U.S. gun enthusiasts. They have long lost their value as firearms, except that reserve forces sometime use them.

The Defense Ministry's "green" logistics planning division said it decided to sell about 87,000 M1 and some 35,000 carbine rifles to the U.S. by the end of the year. "Importers are very interested in them as many Americans want to buy them as curios for their collections."

The ministry estimated their expected sale prices at US$220 per M1 and more than $140 per carbine. Korea could earn more than $20 million from the first shipment of those rifles. In fact, the old M1 or carbine rifle is traded at more than $1,000 in some cases in the U.S., a military officer said.

The Army and the Navy will get rid of all their stockpiles of M1s, but the ministry expects to keep earning dollars as it still keeps about 640,000 carbines for the reserve forces, which could also be disposed of as the reserve forces' equipment will be modernized by 2020.

The ministry's logistics planning division concluded that there is no legal problem selling the guns although a considerable amount of them were given by the U.S. to Korea as aid supplies.

M1s were made first in the U.S. in 1926, and many were used later in World War II and the Vietnam War. Carbines were manufactured first in 1941 and introduced to Korea in 1948, many given to soldiers during the Korean War.
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At $220 and $140 a pop I'll buy about 5 of each.

M1's made in 1926?
Sounds a bit early to me...:scruntiny:
At $220 and $140 a pop I'll buy about 5 of each.

M1's made in 1926?
Sounds a bit early to me..
Probably a typo. Should be 1936.

I'll take one of each at those prices,the problem is distributors may pay that to S Korea but jack the price up after they get them here
I'll take one of each at those prices,the problem is distributors may pay that to S Korea but jack the price up after they get them here
We will never see that price:mad:
They may buy them for that, but will get every penny they can selling them.
If the price is reasonable, then I want one, or several if I can find the cash.
I would LOVE to have an M1 Carbine at $140! Got to watch for this.
We had a few at the shop over the summer. Most were pretty banged up and bores in less than perfect condition. Not to mention they come with an import mark. There is just something wrong with a Garand with an import mark.

Not to rain on anyone's parade though....
I'm PCSing to S Korea and I'll be there two years. Taking orders now...Hopefully I can buiy one there and keep it in the armory on base. Somehow I don't think that is going to be possible give the state of gun ownership in the ROK.
I wont pay 1600 + for a M1A but would love to have a Garand. I am a believer in 30-o6 rather than .308. I want a Garand bad!
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