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Anyone catch the Presidents speech today?

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I watched it and thought he made some good points.
One thing that really stuck in my brain from the speech was when he stated that a member of Congress proposed that we pull our troops out of Iraq and let Iraq solve its own problems. This angered me immensely, someone with that attitude has no place in the US Congress IMHO. We have put to much into Iraq becoming a free country to pull out now. Even if it meant (god forbid) many many more American soldiers dieing, we need to stay, we are there for a reason (weather or not everyone agrees) we need to stay till its obtained. I believe President Bush did a good job explaining this in his speech.

Now, when it came Q&A time Bush seemed a little different (maybe cause he hadn't already prepared answers for those questions??) but I thought he skated around some of the answers and never really gave a definitive answer to the question.

Ah well I was just wondering if anyone else caught it.
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