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Does anyone know where I can get a 715 type holster with adjustible cant?

Currently wear a Don Hume 715-M that I use to carry a PT145 during the summer. Right side at about 3 oclock underneath a shirt. Has generally been a very comfortable holster, it conceals very well and I really like the belt clip that lets me take the whole thing off without a lot of gyrations. Lots of kid activities and end up in places where I can't carry in Missouri. Need to take it off and leave it in the car.

My one complaint would be the angle. I find canting the holster forward a bit makes it more comfortable for my frame, but requires some re adjustment throughout the day as the clip is set parallel with the holster.

Purchased a G26 and would like the same type of set up but with the ability to adjust for cant.

For winter carry, plan on using a Blade Tech in either belt or paddle configuration. Already have one for the 145 and looking forward to sweater/jacket weather when I can give it a workout.

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