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Anyone using a full crossbreed setup?

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I have a super tuck for my xd 9 subcompact coming shortly. In the mean time I have been using a cheap iwb and realized that I need to pickup a good gun belt.

While I don't really want to wait 6-8 weeks for a belt I have been looking at all the options with the crossbreed belt. Different hooks, Velcro kits, weaves etc. My xd weighs 32 ounces fully loaded will any of these work to help conceal it more? Anyone have any experience with it?
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I don't have their belt, but just received the Super Tuck last Friday.

The holster is comfortable and fits well. I wear a thick style western type belt with mine, I can't compare to a true "gun belt" but mine conceals well shirt in shirt out, and I am carrying a HK P30 .40 S&W.
I bought a supertuck and their belt and have been wearing them for the 3 weeks (new CHL). I like them both and am pleased with the comfort but don't have anything else to compare with. I planned ahead for the possibility of using the velcro and ordered the belt prestitched with it but the standard clips have been just fine so far and I haven't fooled with the velcro.
The beltman has ready to ship belts that are awesome. You do not get to modify them but I love mine.
The beltman has ready to ship belts that are awesome. You do not get to modify them but I love mine.
Any Velcro of "total conceal" option like crossbreed claims?
I ordered a belt and supertuck at the same time. Been wearing them together for a couple of years now. Love them both. Great service, and mine came much quicker than expected. (I use the standard clips, no experience with the velcro or J hook type clips though)
In a pinch, an all leather belt by Carhart is a pretty good choice. I used to carry a lot heavier items than a gun strapped to it and it faired better than most other brands.
A good gun belt is probably more important than the holster. You should look for a double thickness belt at minimum. A good gun belt will be hard to put on for a week or two:). Crossbreed makes a good one. I have one from cabelas that works good too. It won't last long though.
I have a CBST and a matching belt. Couldn't put my finger on any complaints... Works great for me! Would buy again.
I am looking at a Crossbreed setup for my Ruger SR9c.....
I have been carrying a Glock 27 with extended mag in a horsehide Crossbreed Supertuck for almost 5 years. When they first came out they had plastic belt clips that were less than perfect, Crossbreed replaced them (free of chage) with metal clips that have held up very well. About three years ago I purchased a Crossbreed belt with the velcro and a pair of velcro j-hooks. This works extremely well for deep conceal when wearing something other than jeans and a t- shirt or sweatshirt. I haven't gotten much use out of the j-hooks since I am now retired in the "widerness" and rarely need deep conceal or wear dress cloths but I still use the belt practically every day. All of their products have worked exceptionaly well and would certainly recommend them. The hoster is ugly looking, but provides great stability and retension with a snugly cinched belt.
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