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Anyone watch this?

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I was being a couch potato the other day and was watching modern marvels and this particular episode was entirely on bullets. Very cool show. Anyway my question was that there were bullets on there that were sensitive to heat. They would punch a clean hole through a steel plate but almost explode in warm flesh. I think that they said it was made up of around 14 different metals compressed together or something of the sort. I know it wasnt a standard frangible so does anyone know for sure what they were?
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Those would be the controversial Lemas/RBCD BMT (Blended-Metal Technology) rounds.

Dr. Gary K. Roberts, a respected ballistician, has been an outspoken critic of the round due to the claims being made by the manufacturer and the failure to adhere to scientific protocols with regard to testing of the rounds.

A more detailed examination of the round by Dr. Roberts can be found here:;f=78;t=001189
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