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AOW, SBR, SBS permit

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Would like to hear from someone
that actually has one of these permits
and weapons if possible.
What is the exact process to obtain such
a permit? Where do you get a form?
How strict are the Feds on these permits?
Do they ask why you want such a weapon?
Does a misdemeanor disqualify someone?
I get people asking me some questions about
this topic around town but actually have never
talked to someone that went through the process.
Thanks for the help
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Another way to obtain a NFA weapon (no such thing as a Class 3 weapon nor a permit to get one) is to form a trust or corporation. No CLEO signature is needed for a corp or trust. The trust is becoming more popular for NFA collectors. Do NOT use software to make a NFA trust. Use a lawyer versed in NFA law. Your SOT dealer should be able to give a reference.
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