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AOW, SBR, SBS permit

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Would like to hear from someone
that actually has one of these permits
and weapons if possible.
What is the exact process to obtain such
a permit? Where do you get a form?
How strict are the Feds on these permits?
Do they ask why you want such a weapon?
Does a misdemeanor disqualify someone?
I get people asking me some questions about
this topic around town but actually have never
talked to someone that went through the process.
Thanks for the help
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good luck guess I am probably out
of luck on this issue if the rumors are
true that the CLEO in my county has
never approved them.
The Chief LEO doesn't have to be the local sheriff or chief of police. ATF will accept a signature from the District Attorney, a US Marshall, a state Attorney General or the commander of the State Police. Anyone with jurisdiction over your place of residence. They might even accept the AIC of the local FBI office.
This step is purely political, ATF knows which states allow class III weapons, and which don't.
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