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AOW, SBR, SBS permit

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Would like to hear from someone
that actually has one of these permits
and weapons if possible.
What is the exact process to obtain such
a permit? Where do you get a form?
How strict are the Feds on these permits?
Do they ask why you want such a weapon?
Does a misdemeanor disqualify someone?
I get people asking me some questions about
this topic around town but actually have never
talked to someone that went through the process.
Thanks for the help
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There is no permit. You, your corporation, or your trust pay a tax on the transfer or manufacture. Of all the opttions, the trust is probably the best option. IF you can legally purchase a firearm, you may own a AOW, SBR, suppressor, etc. I can't find right now the Form 4, but if you want to make your own SBR, as in bolting a stock onto your PLR here's an updated Form 1:
All forms are also available from the ATFE, too.
You are manufacturing it yourself, and there are required markings. Look on the ATFE website, but it's not hard. Most around here get their engraving done at Things Remembered at the local mall. You can get a trust made up online, from your lawyer or tax person, using Quicken Willmaker, or some kits can be found at Office Depot and the like. My employer has some free legal services online and a Trust is one of them. Your employer may do a similar thing. If you want to make your pistol into an AOW, by adding a foregrip for example, you must pay $200 to manufacture it. If you were to buy one with the grip from a dealer, it would cost you a $5 transfer. It don't have to make sense, it's The Man.

It's addicting.
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