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Application for CHP turned in last Friday...

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I finally got a chance to head over to the county court house to turn in my application for my concealed handgun permit. I was going to go last week, but I thought that going in with blood shot eyes and eyelids swollen from pink-eye would not have been the best move, even though I had been on my meds long enough to not be contagious... :22a: Dude, Sheriff sir, got any Doritos? I've got the munchies...:tired: Anyway, the process was very simple, and I spent more time talking to the sheriff at the entrance to the court house than dealing with the actual paperwork. I should have my permit within 30-45 days. Now to find a comfortable holster. I'm also glad that I work with an NRA instructor.
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Waiting on your permit is more exciting than waiting for Christmas morning when you were a child!
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