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April 15 , Knife/Counter-Knife Workshop, Skaneateles, NY. $40.00. 1200-1600. Half-day (4hr.) training session in Defensive Folding Knife/Counter Edged Weapons tactics. Great intro to modern physical defense training or skill maintenance opportunity for those already practicing. This class is a continuation of our March Workshop focusing primarily on counter-knife empty hand skills. For more info or to enroll, please contact instructor Chris Fry at [email protected]

This is your chance to learn how to defend yourself against a knife/contact weilding opponent when no other options are available.

Topics to include:

Safety Considerations
Defense Against Common Grabs & Holds
Introduction to Knife vs. Knife Tactics
Principles of Countering Contact Weapons
Evasive Movement Strategies
Counter Offensive Strikes and Targeting
Un-Attached Defensive Tactics
Attached Defensive Tactics

A Willingness to Learn!
Folding Knife
Training Knife- Some will be provided
Eye Protection
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