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April 29- Defensive Edged Weapons Course, Barnegat, NJ.
0900-1800. $100. Buckeye Gun Club

Join us for a very FULL day training session in Defensive Edged Weapon Tactics. This is a great intro to the defensive use of contact tools and modern physical defense training. Utilize this class to learn new skills or as a skill maintenance opportunity for those already practicing.
This is your chance to learn how to utilize your tactical folding knife or other edged weapon as a viable force option when no other options are available.

Topics to include:

· Safety Considerations
· Common Tactical Folders and Equipment Selection
· Folder Carry & Placement Options
· Rapid Folder Acquisition & Presentation/ Stress Draws
· Common Grips & Lines of Entry
· Defensive Guard
· Body Indexing
· Live Blade Cutting Drills
· Weapon Retention & Utilization for Handgun Retention
· Defense Against Common Grabs & Holds
· Counter Edged Weapon Tactics
· Adrenaline Stress Drills

Folding Knife
(I will have SEVERAL with me for demonstration purposes so if you do not own one or are thinking about buying one this is an opportunity to handle and view a variety.)

“Drone” folding training knife- (I will have several with me participants can use)

Eye Protection

Simulated Firearm & Holster

Willingness to Learn!

If interested e-mail me at [email protected]

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I certainly hope you're going to tell the students that they can no more carry a knife as a defensive weapon than they can a gun. If they are going to carry a knife, they had better be able to articulate a "manifestly appropriate reason" for carrying it other than as a protection weapon.
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