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AR-15s available

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Just was on AR15 Rifles - Impact Guns and was surprised to find a number of AR-15s available there. Just thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone was looking. I know it took me a while to find one in the price range that I was willing spend.
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I have noticed over the past couple weeks, AR parts are becoming available again. Complete guns, uppers, lowers, mags, even some ammo is starting to come back. Prices are still higher than they used to be, thats the new norm. But a lot better than they were a couple months ago.

AR Deals | Slickguns

30 round mags, in stock, $14
I need one more lower then I am done with Ar15's . I have reached the point where when this last upper I have has a lower the limit has been reached.
To many to try and hide now when they ban just about everything.
This morning Fleet Farm local store had two higher end Huldra gas pistons on the rack . Price was just slightly over last years normal.
3/23/2013 Not one round of ammo?
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