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Ar at walmart

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Was at Walmart this weekend and they had an AR in stock. It was a Windham flattop. Didn't check it very closely because I have never heard of Windham. Checked reviews on Windaham this morning and apparantly it is a decent gun. According to reviews Windham was started up by a bunch of Bushmaster employees. Price was $852.00. It came with 30 round mag and had rails.
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Picked up a Windham myself a few days ago. It was the first flat top at a reasonable price I have seen in a while. Now I just have to dig into my stash and take it for a test drive.

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That should be the Windham SRC. It's a nice shooter, and when I got mine it was a reasonable $700, I shudder to think what it is now. Windham is the old Bushmaster guys, the original owner and most of the employees are from BM, and they are setup in their original Windham facilities. Mine had a properly staked BCG and black extracter inserts (good things) and the castle nut was staked as well on the stock. Barrel is chrome lined 4150, 1/9 twist, and the receivers are Cerro forged, same guys who supply Colt.

All in all a nice package, shoots well, and wouldn't be a bad entry into the AR field - prices pending of course. That much said, while it is HPT/MPI batch tested, and the gas port on mine was -not- oversized (a common complaint on Bushmasters [though my understanding is the enlarged gas port helps it feed a wider variety of ammo makes] which could cause overgassing) if I could go back I would just have gone straight for the Colt LE6920 I got a few months later, or a BCM (seemed hard to find even before the gun panic).

Edit: I have had some FTF and had the bolt not lock open on last round a few times, but only with some cheapo thermotech magazines. All of my metal USGI 30 rounders work fine, and so do my PMAGs.
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