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Actually, I intended to shoot 90 rounds. The less expensive ammo I'm using for the bulk of the testing comes 30 rounds per box. However, fun is fun and I actually went to 140 rounds.

The video is just a sample and certainly doesn't include the entire session, although I do video the entire sessions to make sure when the failure occurs that I catch it on video.

If it looks like I'm using a different scope than I started with, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Just for the fun of it, I switched to a Burris MTAC 1-4x scope with the Ballistic CQ reticle - man that thing is FAST !

And BTW, I did not open the gun since the last session, so whatever is in it is in it :yup:

Hmmm, from the still above, I sure don't look happy about something - but I was!

So, with this addition, the round count is now 240 with zero mals of any kind - well I personally had a few, but I was testing that - and you're probably glad! :tongue:
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