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I gotta blame somebody for this....might as well be QKS and his most informative thread on ARs for a few others, I downloaded ever bit of how-to and lo and behold if there wasn't a gun show last weekend to do some pricing! Since it was forecast to rain, I figured I couldn't be constructive at home so might as well head fer tha show ! Yahoo !!!! I looked at uppers, lowers, slings, sights, flash sups, you name, if it was an AR component, I browsed it. Well all was goin good til I started adding up all the parts.....geesh, they were selling complete ARs cheaper than I could build one.

I succumbed to the temptation.... wound up buying a DPMS AR in 6.8mm. Yeah, I know, the ammo is 3 times the cost of 5.56/.223, but I looked at it this way: I don't ever go to the range and just see how many rounds I can fire through my gun. I try improve accuracy and speed, with a lot more emphasis on accuracy. So, I don't plan on a 1000 rd day at the range with an AR. Most likely it'll be less than a 100 rd (then I trot to the pistol range side). Anyway, it looks good, feels good, I sure hope it shoots good ! View attachment 2173
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