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I will be going to Arizona in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any do's and don'ts on conceal carry. I have heard that anyone in that state can carry in open site but if you have a conceal carry permit, you must keep it concealed. Also Arizona honor's my state's (Colorado) conceal carry. Thanks in advance
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You seem to already have the information you were asking for but, you can either carry concealed (with an Arizona permit or a Colorado permit) or you can carry openly. I would strongly suggest you carry concealed in all but the rural areas. Here in Phoenix, while you are certainly legal, you may have someone call the Police to come check you out if you are seen with an open carry gun. Even if they don't call you in, you will get alot of attention, something most people that carry don't want.

Enjoy your stay in Arizona. I came here 16 years ago from Colorado and am still enjoying it.... :smile:
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