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Arkansas law and use of force rights...

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So I applied for my CHCL and while I was waiting I've been trying to read as much as possible about Arkansas laws and general self defense. I've learned a lot from here and other online forums as well as buying a copy of Massad Ayoob's book "Gun digests book of concealed carry". My license has been issued so now I'm just waiting on it to arrive. Recently in my reading there have been a few things I've seen that make me question if I am 100% knowledgable with the Arkansas laws and my rights to use deadly force. I'm hoping that what I saw that made me wonder was either outdated or false information from the ignorant. I've read Arkansas Section 5-2-606 and 607 where it talks about the use of force and deadly force and when you can use it. What makes me worry is there is such an open to interpretation policy there...that could be good or bad I suppose. I know if I'm in my home I have the right to stand my ground...I know in my yard I have the right to defend myself. Everywhere else it's very open. My CHCL instructor was awesome and discussed the "deadly force triangle" and how we were required to retreat if there was 100% chance we could do so with safety. That's our main defense as I understand it, it's almost impossible to prove we couldn't retreat with NO chance of danger to ourselves if we are involved in a justifiable shooting. What if we see someone else in danger? I've seen differing opinions here. From the way I read the code (and according to my instructor) we are justified to step in and help if we see a 3rd party that is in immenent danger of harm or death. I've seen information online that says I can not use deadly force to help others....I do not agree with that but believe it's a judgement call on my part on if I want to get involved or not....not law saying I have to (which the police follow) or saying I can't... What are the laws concerning drawing your weapon? I know it should ONLY be drawn in extreme circumstances and ONLY when you are prepared to fire but let's say I draw and that's enough to end the situation....the bad guy retreats with no shots fired. Can I still be sued by the BG for drawing on him? I guess in today's time of lawyers and court rooms anything is possible, huh?

I guess all that's just a long winded way of asking what other information do you suggest for the MANY new people to conceal carry such as me to read? Books, websites, forums...whatever you have found useful to learn what you know.

Sorry for such a long!
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This website is a good start.... ... since it is state specific...
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