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Asking for your thoughts...

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Having a CHL here in Texas and being a member of the Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association (I am not an instructor, all CHL holders can join and support the organization) brings an added benefit of being able to apply for and obtain a 'self defense' insurance policy.

I have been thinking about getting the insurance, and since there are so many experienced folks here, I am wondering what your thoughts are on something like this and if you think it would be worth the investment?

Also, is the same, or something similar offered where you live ?

Here is the link, and I thank you in advance for your input:
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At 51...
I have homeowners, mutiple vehicle, life, medical and dental insurances.
I pay more for insurance than for everything else in my life combined.

I shoulda got into the protection racket when I had the chance...

People will come up with an excuse to sell you "insurance" for anything you can imagine.
What does this "insurance" cover?
Legal fees?
Civil suits and damages?

I'd run away...very fast.
The only positive thing would be to the agent's bank account.

Think of it this way...
You have decided to carry a gun.
You have trained and practised.
You know the ins and outs and consequences.

You're going to make regular payments to some corporation so if you ever have to actually put your training into practice and kill somebody your legal fees will be covered?

Maybe in the world today that is the way to go...
Just seems damn foolish to me.
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