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Astra Holster

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Okay, hopefully someone here can answer this.

I bought an Astra A-80 weekend before last. It's a widebodied SIG look-alike in .45. See the link for pics and vitals -->
I have yet to put it through its paces but its really growing on me despite the euro style mag release. I'd like to have the option of carrying it but I'm coming up empty in the holster search. I'm almost positive that a SIG 245 holster will work but I'd like to run this by you all and see if anyone has experience with holsters for the A-80.

I've got a generic belt slide holster that works okay but it doesn't have the body shield that I've gotten used to on the IWB holsters I have for other guns.

If anyone could help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated.


Edited to add: Eric, I just noticed that you do work for the 245. If it happens that the astra will fit the 245, what's the wait I'd be looking at, with your current move and all? I've used your COM holsters before for a CZ 40B and a Witness in 45 and loved 'em.
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its 220 Sized ...from the site you linked

The Astra A-80 had been patterned after famous Swiss-Germany designed pistol SIG-Sauer P-220. A-80 features wery similar frame and slide shape, similar recoil-operated, locked breech design with improved Browning-style linkless locking and one large lug that locks into the ejection port in the slide. The double action trigger with frame mounted decocker on the left side of the grip is also patterned after the P-220. The A-80 also features firing pin safety, that locks the firing pin away from the cartridge primer untill the trigger is pressed. Another feature that is different from the SIG-Sauer P220 is that A-80 had double stack, high capacity magazines.
I missed that blurb at the bottom. Unfortunately, it's wrong if you use the info provided in the table above it.

According to Sigarms website, the 220 has a 4.4" barrel and the 245 has a 3.8" barrel. Using the 95mm barrel length provided, the Astra comes out to around 3.75". So the Astra is closer in barrel length to the 245 than the 220.

My question concerns more the profile of the ejection port and slide. I know the trigger guard is pretty dang close since the Astra will fit in a Fobus 220/245 holster. IIRC, there was a statement made by Eric of HBE somewhere to the effect that the triggerguard and ejection port were the two main factors in considering retention in a holster.

Anyways, if someone knows one way or the other, or even wants to make an educated guess, please do tell.

Sorry i cant say other than that not a sig fan
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