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Mods, I apologize in advance, if this is the wrong place please feel free to move it.

I've been going camping quite a bit in the last few months and I've noticed something (actually several somethings but not all of them are appropriate for this forum :032: ) Attachment options on civilian gear sucks. Now I know that ALICE clips aren't perfect, but they're definately better then the velcro strap on my camera bag.

Has anybody found anything better? Retrofitting ALICE clips to most of my gear is taking forever.

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decent gear should have daisy chains, or other attachmnet points. I use mil. surplus gear for camping though. what exactly are you trying to attach? And to what?

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My only concession to a means of gear carry is an Eagle LBV - plenty of D rings on it so attachments to other add-ons can be made with carabinas - plus it has 6 mag pouches and other small pockets etc all over.

At my age I am not heavily into bugout things but - this vest when ''loaded'' is probably all I'd need to manage quite well.

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I've not really trekked "serious deep" into the PA wilderness for about 2 years now.
When I headed out back then I had always tried going as minimal as possible. I like to builds inner strength.
I try to pack all of my "smalls" & basic survival essentials in an outer oversize vest.
The last piece of clothing that I put on just strictly as a "carry stuff" garment.

In addition I have a pair of neat wilderness survival over~pants that are about 20 years old (and heavy muslin type waterproof linen) & have no idea where you would get a pair of those these days.

LOOK AT THE Cabela's Three Forks II Traditional

I have an earlier one but, it's pretty much the same deal.
You'll still need to do some minor "additional stuff attachment" but the freakin' thing is all pockets & it's decent quality. At least my older one is.
Start with that. I think you can buy it/order it & take a look at it at home & then return it if you don't think it will work for you.'ve got nothing to lose.
I'll see if I can find you a link tomorrow.

I try to put as much "Stuff" in pockets as possible. I hate "$hit" hanging bouncing on me everywhere.

You could also search the web for the 511 5/11 ??? Tactical Vest & adapt that.
That would give you a good base to start out with.

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Surplus gear is great, I'm already using a medium ALICE pack, and I should be getting a framed large ALICE pack in the next month or two. My problem is more with my other gear. For instance my hatchet case has one reinforced hole that I can use to connect it to me, my camera case has a velcro strap that doesn't work well.

I am looking into a LBE/LBV but I still want to attach stuff, not just throw it in pockets. I've started to retrofit these cases with ALICE clips (this way I can wear them on my regular belt, my issue pistol belt, my ruck, whereever....) I was just curious if anybody had any other ideas that worked.

By the way Chris, is your Eagle vest comfortable?

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Eagle vest - well there is an element of compromize as it is a medium - the guy i bought it from was not all that large. Well neither am I really but - it would have been better a size larger.

That said, once the side straps are eased off and gotten to right length it is pretty good. It is perhaps a ''stiffer'' feeling set-up that some tho I have some old webbing gear too which is stiff as blazes.

So - I guess yeah, as vests go it is Ok - and actually ''disappears'' somewhat once been on a while - sorta get used to the feel. Maybe feels a tad front heavy with 6x30 rnd AK mags full up tho :smile:


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