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As all know, we have recently started taking forum sponsors to help fund the site's existence, since then, rules regarding commercial / member advertising have been changed as can be seen in the updated FORUM RULES, which have been updated to include the following:


Sponsor advertising (for paid sponsors) is allowed in the Sponsor Buy, Sell, Trade forum. Individual member (non-business) advertising is allowed in Member Buy, Sell, Trade forum. No other advertising will be allowed within the forum and, when found, will be subject to removal.

We do not allow advertising to be embedded within the forum topics
, in fairness to our sponsors, who help keep the forum operating, all other forms of commercial advertising are not allowed. Simply mentioning a related business in the course of a thread is in no way restricted as long as it is relevant to the thread and would not be considered obtrusive. We would be happy to place a link to your business website in our "Related Links" area in consideration of a reciprocal link, in return.
So as a courtesy to our sponsors and to help all our non-sponsoring holster makers from inadvertently crossing the line from answering innocent questions relating to their products, to advertising their own wares, please ask any direct questions to a maker via PM and not in the open forum.

This does not mean that anyone can't ask questions about a non-sponsors products, we all like to seek info on products, but if you have direct questions for a maker please take it to private messaging.

Likewise, if you're a holster maker and someone has questions regarding your products in general, please answer their questions privately as to ensure that your posts are not viewed as commercial advertising.

This is kind of a tricky topic, as this forum does have a great many holster makers and customers of those makers, and we are still getting use to these new guidelines regarding advertising, and what can be viewed as such.

For any further details, questions, or comments regarding new policy; feel free to message any of the forum staff.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as this forum continues to grow and changes are made.

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