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Got this off the AZ Jeep Board.....Ive sent em...lets get busy...

HB 2075 needs your action today!

HB 2075 is in the House Judiciary committee and is scheduled for a
hearing this coming Thursday, February 2nd at 8:30 AM.

We need to act NOW to get a favorable vote. A sample letter is
provided near the end of this Alert. We also encourage you to attend
the hearing and testify for the bill.

HB 2075 modifies ARS 13-3102 (Misconduct Involving Weapons),
Subsection A by making it an offense to carry a concealed weapon only
when there is intent to commit a "serious offense" or "violent crime."

HB 2075 removes the criminal offense for carrying concealed without a
permit, but only for law-abiding citizens. Real criminals are still
subject to arrest and prosecution. The CCW permit system is still in
place and available with its advantages for out of state
recognition/reciprocity and satisfying NICS requirements when
purchasing a firearm.

In 1994, two Appellate Court decisions, State v. Adams and State v.
Moerman (, altered the
meaning of ARS 13-3102, Subsection F that says that a weapon is not
considered concealed under the following circumstances:

"?a weapon or weapons carried in a belt holster which holster is
wholly or partially visible, or carried in a scabbard or case
designed for carrying weapons which scabbard or case is wholly or
partially visible or carried in luggage."

"?a weapon or weapons carried in a case, holster, scabbard, pack or
luggage that is carried within a means of transportation or within a
storage compartment, trunk or glove compartment of a means of

State v. Adams ruled that a gun in a vehicle is a concealed weapon
unless it is obvious from "ordinary observation" or "ordinary sight"
by a person outside the vehicle. If you are wearing a gun in your
vehicle or place it in your glove compartment, under the seat, in the
center console, etc., anyone in your vehicle, child or adult, near
enough to access your gun, could conceivably be arrested for carrying
concealed if they do not have a CCW permit.

State v. Moerman ruled that if you are carrying a weapon, it must be
obvious to a casual observer. "Partially visible" in ARS 13-3102,
Subsection F, is interpreted to mean "clearly visible." Same goes
for the weapon's case or holster ? it also must be obvious that you
are transporting a weapon. Wearing a gun openly on your right side
but talking to a law enforcement officer on your left side, where you
gun is not visible, could get you arrested if you don't have a CCW

If you are serious about restoring your rights, we need make sure
that HB 2075 is approved by the House Judiciary committee. Contact
the Judiciary committee members and let them know you want HB 2075 to
be favorably passed out of committee.

Information on Judiciary Committee members can be found here:
The following are the names and email addresses of each committee

Eddie Farnsworth (R) - [email protected] (Chairman)
David Burnell Smith (R) - [email protected] (Vice-Chairman)
Ray Barnes (R) - [email protected]
Ted Downing (D) - [email protected]
Steve Gallardo (D) - [email protected]
Ben R. Miranda (D) - [email protected]
Jonathon Paton (R) - [email protected]
Doug Quelland (R) - [email protected]
Steven B. Yarbrough (R) - [email protected]

Committee members Downing, Gallardo and Miranda will most likely vote
against HB 2075. However the majority can be persuaded to vote for
HB 2075 if we show enough support. Success depends on YOU!

Chairman Farnsworth controls the committee agenda. He needs to hear
from you.

Personalize - send a separate email message to each committee
member. Include their name in the Salutation (Dear Representative

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Thanks for the info AZG23. I haven't seen this before. I guess I'll get pro-active and get involved in state politics for once. I'm not sure any involvement on my part will help given the state of the State, what with all the California refugees and snowbirds flooding into AZ and bringing their left-wing politics with them. I swear, this place has changed by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. You can't swing a dead cat in Phoenix without hitting a lib anymore, and that used to be a rarity.

Am I correct in reading that this bill would give this state essentially "Vermont Carry?" If so, and the bill gets passed, I will stand and cheer and do the happy monkey dance naked!

Uuh, well, maybe not.
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