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Bad Experiance At work Today

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Bad Experiance At work Today.. Update

Ill post this as a what will you do but preface it by saying i pretty much cant refuse to enter and service unless i directly see something illegal or the place is infested with say Cockroaches.

Im a Service Man i wont say where i work or what i repair but i enter your house Carry is a no no at work and suually i dont go into bad areas but this was added midday today.

So being aware as i always am i look at the place as i pull up and go ohh great a real Crap hole. I enter the place and there is 3 Black males 2 look totally wasted (this is not a big thing see this commonly)
Guy takes me though the living room to kitchen where i see what i immedalty Recogize as a White Crack Ho(if you ever seen what ya know what i mean its not hard to tell.) Then proceeds to take me to this tiny little room for what im to repair.

I proceed to reapir what ime there for 15 minute job 10 if i rush it and i am so the Lady is trying to be friendly and talk to me and i am nice as i can be shooting the bull while i work then the guy comes back in and tells her "Ho shut up cant you see the :censored: man is working " She gives him some Lip and WHAP backhand across the face im thinking great all i need

He tells her one more and its a punch in the face and of course she mouths off and Blam in the face.

Now i cant easly walk out without them know something is up as i have the machine apart and tools spread out so i decide to grit it out finsh job and go i can call cops later.

SO know im about 8 mins into the job and i hear knock on door and this other large Black Man and another guy come into the Kitchen and i hear "lets do this "

All im thinking is ohh "censored" this is gonna go bad i turn get a peek out of my eye there has now appered a LARGE amount of what looks to be crack on the table and a Glock..

First thought though my mine is what ya got laddie well i got my gun my tool bag and my computer but no firearm .. If it turns south what can i do 6 people 5 Black males 1 white crack ho..1 Overweight Repair man 1 Glock on the table About this time i figure im :censored: and am in deep crap.. So i start printing my recipt and the Drug Supplier looks up and "goes whos that".. Dealer goes "it the repair man hes cool gonna leave ina minute" ..Supplier " Ahh ok thats cool" I give him recept and tell him see ya in a week .

Whole time im thinking i cant take 6 guys but if i can get to glock if it turns south i have slim chance becuse im sure im dead no matter what all that dope no dealer or supplier is gonna let me walk

I planned my options figured computer weighs 6 pounds good throwing or hitting object to help me to my means the Glock ..

So once it looks like i was gonna get out i left eyed the whole time and waited for the shot to the back to come never did .

Made it Half way intot the road had to park on oppisite side of road since it was one way when i hear "FIVE-O Run Mother :censored: Run " I tunr to look and see 2 cop cars coming at me at round 100mph with lights no sirens . Amazing how fast a Fat guy can move.

With that i ran to the van got door open whiped everything to passenger side of van had it running and floored b4 drivers door ever closed ..

5 Cops cars pulled up 10 people piled out 5 with shotguns and 5 with pistols and all in the nice police raid gear needless to say i didnt stick round ..

No this hear is all theroy Only reason i walked out of there is im guessing the supplier was a Narc and so was his buddie other wise im guessing there was

half Million to 3/4 Million in dope on the kitchen table that wasnt there when i went in.. If he was a real drug supplier i would have been shot no witness no crime

What will i do different Pack only thing i can do would i have had a heater if i knew this was on route first thing in AM more than likely yes

Would my springfield xd 9mm compact have helped me got out of there if it went to crap totally .. NO

No and No one more NO i was in back or apartment no back exit totally blocked in my chances were nil unless i could get um at the door 13 rounds of 9mm wasnt gonna save me i have no doubt but it would have take some of the SOB'S with me

Sure i could duck beind the washer not gonna stop a bullet what about the furnace ..Same but i had a door way would have helped it has really bothered me and i doubt after the butt puckering on this one i wont go to the can for a week :chairshot:

Other than not go in which i can do if as i said at the begining is obvious what could i have done i was in the house 9 mins hard to say i got ot go out for a minute when you got all your crap spread out..

Its givien me a lot to think about today and i dont like it and have to make some choices.

Ive went over everything and since everything started 5 mins after i was in the room in the back i really couldnt have done much else .. I wont abuse the able to walk out deal with my boss as he knows i do my job and dont goof off so i get some leaway this would have been a good one at the start to walk out on though..

Anyone will to bet there no one there next week when i have to go back to install the part??

I also will say thanks to the guy i think was the Narc he probley saved my Ass
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Bud...Bad Situation.

Check your PM.
If nothing else expect a review of a new tuckable holster in the coming months
PHEW!!! Bud - that sounded HEAVY - very heavy. In your shoes I daresay I'd have been in for at least one change of underwear - and later in the day a few measures of JD or similar.

Shucks - my imagination is running over time.

I am more than relieved you were able to get the heck outa Dodge - all in all - I suspect the closest call you may ever have had.

Glad to see you still here fella :smile:
I think after this episode I would refuse to enter any questionable homes. Or atleast consider carrying , despite Co. policy.
rocky said:
I think after this episode I would refuse to enter any questionable homes. Or atleast consider carrying , despite Co. policy.

Lol the entering questionable home would cover ecorse inkster detroit dearborn dearborn heights even some in taylor garden city ypsi

ya get what im saying it has to be pretty bad for us to refuse people did pay good money to buy what i repair never have i been into something like that if i would have seen the stuff when i walked in i would have walked out ..

option 2 is what it will be 2 new tuckable holsters on the way :biggrin:
Bud, ya gotta be ALIVE to get fired. All in all, I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by six (possibly 8 in my case). Heck with company policy, if the job looks creepy, I'm packin'!

Even a Smith snubbie in Scandium with full load 357's and only five rounds could get me out into the sunshine.

Imagine the muzzle blast and noise of a full house 357 in a confined space. It'd be like a FLASHBANG going off, but you'd be ready for it, while the BGs wouldn't. The stun effect might also give you some room to move.

Also, if you went for the head shot, THAT amount of brains and GORE would add to the stun effect...very detrimental to movement since it might make the next BG to act the next target...see where I'm goin' with this?
Reason why i was saying i wouldnt make it out is i was in a small room they could shoot though walls to get me easy Qk pm'ed me and brought up a super point OC spray um first then go from there But your right too i guess we just think of dopers as so hardened criminals that it would bother them..

Now the wait for a new holster begins i have one but it wont be fun all day in my uniform
Multiple Armed Drug Dealer Type Serious Bad Guys

NO PRACTICAL EXIT - except through them & basically you are armed with a Phillips head screwdriver? That is a tough situation. Those guys will try to terminate you for no good reason at all.
That is even a seasoned U.C. Narc Officer's worst be caught up right in the middle of a huge money drug deal...gone sour with multiple armed Zombies.
Like ExSoldier said: That calls for some "Serious Strategy Holding Hands With Lady Luck."
You are basically relegated to shooting your way out as your only viable option.
You CANNOT walk into that type of confined situation unarmed and without a few additional tricks in your "Bag Of Tricks."
I'm glad we had a Long PM Talk on this Bud White.
We sure don't want to ever want ta lose you. :dead:
You need to put some sneaky advantages onto your home team if you are going to constantly go into these dangerous (in home) situations.
Hopefully, none will ever be quite this bad again.
I have one or two other ideas.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. It's late...I'm off to bed.
I hafta get my "Beauty Sleep."
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I don't know Bud. I think I'm with some of the others. I would rather be alive to be fired than dead. Although given that situation if it came down to shooting it out I think your odds were pretty bad. Just a bad deal, but you have to do what you have to do. I would think a good strong flashlight and some spray would be something. I was playing with LED lights and even with my pupils reacting I was blinded for a few seconds. Drugged up people's pupils don't react, so I imagine the pain and blindness would last longer.

I know repair guys usually get a pass, even from the hardcore. That is because they know if a repair guy gets whacked/beat/injured they will never see a repair guy in their hood again. Doesn't help the first repair guy it happens to though.

Wow! Bud that was close. I'm sure glad you got out unharmed!
That's some really scary stuff, Bud - I'm glad to see you came out okay. :eek:

(I'm looking forward to the tuckable holster review! :wink: )
Sounds pretty hairy, Bud :eek:

Wonder if now wouldn't be a good time to ask management to review the policy? Might not do any good, but then again...
Bud White said:
Qk pm'ed me and brought up a super point OC spray um first then go from there
I don't know so much about this. I used to be a Sheriff's deputy at a parish run prison before I went to work for the BOP. We used OC spray on an almost daily basis there (it was kind of wild with all the types you're talking about that we had in there from New Orleans...not to mention the Mariel Cubans). At any rate, that stuff is 86% effective at best...meaning that 14 out of 100 people are not affected by it at all...I've run across those guys. If they're strung out...forget it. Also, it takes several seconds for it to take effect. And even when it does take effect, it is pretty easily fought through. I know this b/c I have been hit with it several times and it didn't really bother me THAT bad until after i had finished fighting. I'm not trying to offer you suggestions on what you should have done or what you should do in the future in a situation like that. It has its uses and is definitely better than nothing, I just want you and others to be aware that OC spray is DEFINITELY NOT some magic fight stopper.
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Yes, You are (of course) correct. About the best you can hope for is to gain some possible some time & keep a few busy while you handle the rest with your firearm. It's well worth the measly $20.00 to have it with him as an available option though.
That & go into head shot "bowling pin" ~ "Steel Plate" mode.
FOX LABS now has the 5.3 OC which is more than twice as strong as what has ever been previously produced & that might help him out somewhat. It would need to be used as a possible "assist" to his "carry firearm" though. It might also help if the "Homeowner's Pit Bull" - Whoops! gets out of the Laundry Room & goes into "attack the Bud White intruder" mode. :frown:
I am thinking that Bud is really almost in a Law Enforcement type of job with specific respect that he is walking into homes in VERY BAD AREAS - alone - and without any back~up whatsoever. That's not a good thing!
I am thinking that Bud's Boss should pay for high quality Body Armor for him if he is not permitted to carry a firearm.
If I were him I would let my boss pay for a high quality B.P.V. & then break the rules & carry a firearm ANYWAY!
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I'm sorry if my previous post came out wrong. I DEFINITELY believe having OC spray is much better than having nothing at all. I didn't mean to imply that he would be better served without it. I just didn't want him or anyone else to think that it's a magic bullet. I carry my 5" Springfield .45 with me at all times b/c I can. In situations where pulling a gun wouldn't be warranted, I'm not at all a Billy [email protected]@$$, but I'm fairly confident in my ablility to dish out at least as much punishment as I receive (been fighting for a living for a loooong the scars and war stroies to prove it :biggrin: ) so I don't carry OC. My girlfriend on the other hand doesn't have that option. Therefore, I bought her a keychain can of OC spray (and taught her to use it correctly) b/c I know that it will at least give a BG a moment of pause. If carrying a gun is not an option, OC is far and away better than nothing. Just don't expect an instantanious cessation of hostile action when it is deployed because you will be sorely disappointed. That's all I meant. Sorry if it came out wrong.
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Understood your post perfectly & it came across the right way. You are correct. It sure is not a magic bullet.

By The Way...The Fox keychain units kick it. They put out a good volume of product but only for a short time. OUCH! Times 5 & Quite Quickly Blinding.
I tested one out recently & they are quite good.
I bought them for lots of folks around here.

You Said:
"I know that it will at least give a BG a moment of pause." and you are correct about that also.
Sometimes that is all you need to turn a bad situation around & in your favor.
Something to "tip the scale" in your direction OR a precious moment to get away!
Your comments were VERY GOOD - Accurate - AND Worthwhile & you are very easily understood! :smile:You get my Kudos and a "Thumbs Up!"
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I've haven't been in a situation that would require me to have two handguns, but if I were you I'd start packing two. Two handguns with interchangeable magazines. If I'm gonna go, I wanna go two fisted.
Wow, Bud! Your description made my skin crawl. As an EMT, I got called to places like that, and your description brought back the smell of a crack den, the dingy walls and the bad light. I'm glad you got out, OK.
Perhaps, investing in body armor might not be a bad idea either?
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