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F350 said:

I have a VHS tape titled "Deadly Effects; what bullets do to bodies" (highly recommended to all who carry) in which they show the body of a BG shot 27 times with 9mm and 4 with 12 ga. slugs (one clearly exiting between the shoulder blades taking out the spine and the one that probably put him down) and don't forget the BG in the Miami FBI shoot out that did most of the killing took a "non-survivable" hit in the opening seconds of the fight, yet went on killing agents for several minutes. I do not expect a single shot, or even a couple shots to do the trick, I am of the mind set to shoot till he hits the ground, multiple attackers get tricky, double taps all round, then hit anyone still vertical again??

Also remember; what you know before an incident is admitable in court, so something like “Deadly Effects” can be used to explain to a jury why you used multiple shots in a defensive shooting.
Yeah, I have a similar video: Surviving Edged Weapons used by several PD's up north as a certified training video, thereby making it admissable as evidence in court. I make all my CCW students view it and sign that they have viewed it so that it's admissable for them as well.

"DOUBLE TAP" is a Hollywood term. There are two kinds of paired shots. One is a very fast pair using the first sight picture taken. That's called a HAMMER and the other is two quick but individually sighted shots, called a Controlled Pair. HAMMERS are fine if you're facing only ONE BG. But the latest tactical doctrine calls for a single shot to every BG before you return and give anybody a second look. Think of it as a lesson in politeness: Everybody get's "firsts" before anybody gets "seconds!" The reason for this is that while you're pumping a sixth shot into a third suspect, suspect number four has time to plug you pretty good.

I think the newest technique in vogue is the "HEAD SHOT" as practiced by the Brits on possible terrorists or possibly unarmed folks they happen to be chasing. The problem with that is that MOST stateside street cops can't shoot worth a DAMN. Next, the head just isn't a viable target for a one shot kill. Suppose you hit the BG in the JAW or a cheekbone? He'll be pi$$ed off enough to still return fire AND detonate the explosives he might be carrying. The only true viable shots are to the forehead or "cranial vault" or the cranio-ocular shot meaning right thru an eye. That's going to take a LOT of practice, especially if the shot is tried after a SPRINT. I'm talking thousands of rounds a month to get that level of expertise. I think I heard that the Navy SEALs run through about 4,000 rounds a month in handgun ammo alone for their skill levels. The cops can expect no less. It's got to be realistic, too. That means sprinting so the body is agonizing for air and adrenalin is coursing through the veins. I'm thinking the police won't want to spend the money on ammo or risk the inevitable lawsuits that will result when their officer misses the killing head shot and takes out the little kid down the block.
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