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Balance and Magazines

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Sixto’s (and others) assessment of Springfield XD’s as being/feeling top-heavy got me thinking.
When designing their guns, do manufacturers plan the balance of their guns based on a full, half-full or empty magazine?
(Or maybe it’s of no concern to them at all?)
I know that the balance of my XD 45 changes considerably between an empty mag and one fully loaded.
Do those of you who shoot competitively ever notice any change in accuracy as you shoot your way through a full magazine?
Or is this issue of balance a minor/mute one, having little or no impact on the shooter?
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this RamRod.
"...if it were me sitting at the drawing board, I'd design it to feel balanced with a full magazine. My reasoning is, that a combat pistol will spend most of its life with a full mag, not half empty or empty. Also, the first and most critical shots will be placed with a full magazine."

+1! I completely agree. Thanks for your thoughts too SIXTO.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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