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I've been using a Lee Handpress for about five years now, and load for 9mm, .38/.357, .44spl/.44mag and .45-70. Shooting only a couple hundred rounds a month, it is perfect for my needs. In other posts, I've described my process, steps and tools required. As has been said earlier, if you reload for handguns, many of the accessories aren't needed (like the case sizer and burr removal tool -- I only use them for the .44mag's). I like the touchiness of the handpress, and can work in 15-20 minute stages. All together, I probably spent less than $120, and maybe less than $100 getting started (not counting the vibratory cleaner and media). Check out ebay for reloading equipment lots. You can generally get everything you need at once for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of it new.

Basic reloading equipment includes:

Handpress ($20-$25)
Dies ($25-$30 per set)
Dipper set ($12-$15)
Scale ($25 for an electronic, double that for a balance beam)
Lee Autoprime and shell holders (about $20)
Plastic funnel ($3)

I use empty ammo boxes and the plastic/styrofoam inserts for loading trays and storage.

Supplies are bullets (lead cast are $60-$80/1000), primers (nowadays, about $40-$60/1000) and powder (about $25/pound). I consider brass free -- either from the factory loads I shoot or picking up range brass.

Search on my other threads here if you want details on the process or other optional equipment (bullet puller, caliper, etc.)
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